Team talk with Nardie Scharenborg
CTO of Bitenny

Team talk with Ridwan Arizar
Principal Artificial Intelligence Engineer of Bitenny

Team talk with Xiaowei Ma
Principal Data Scientist of Bitenny

Meet our team

shahdad kiyani

Founder & CEO

With a true passion for technology and innovation, Shahdad has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience that spans the breadth and depth of many a field in the world of information technology. Effective leader and innovator with years of expertise and interest in Internet-Based Ventures, Digital Marketing, and Business Development.

Nardie Scharenborg


Nardie is a seasoned operations manager and entrepreneur with a background Finance and IT, with a specialisation in AI. Nardie will run the Bitenny. With her leadership experience and passion for the development of new products and services, she will ensure the successful development and management of Bitenny.

Mahdad Kiyani


Mahdad is a leader with a passion for leading high-growth technology businesses in B2B software, Blockchain technology online services, IT, FinTech, networking, telecom, and internet security.

Hamed Fahimi


With more than 14 years of experience in marketing and advertising and running agencies, Hamed has helped a dozen of national and international companies to activate their target groups, get their message across the globe and establish tremendous brand awareness.

Xiaowei Ma

Principal Data Scientist

Xiaowei Ma – is a young and successful entrepreneur. He has been working on data analysis and mining programs since 2009 in various industries: Airlines, Casino, Chemical companies, media/merchandise.

He specialises in coding and make algorithms and also the systematisation of data. He loves extract concise insights and pattern from a large amount of data and forecasts future based on historical data.

Ridwan Arizar

Principal Artificial Intelligence Engineer 

Ridwan is a seasoned professional and entrepreneur within the trading and technology space for both financial and physical commodities. 
With a robust and diversified track-record in banking, commodities trading, engineering and energy technology, his passion lies in improving all kinds of supply chains using Big Data, Blockchain, Machine Learning, AI and IoT. He is highly skilled in the coding of C++ Python and Java.”

Alexander van Duijn

Head of information security

Alexander is an experienced Information Security expert with a focus on infrastructure and privacy. In recent years Alexander has taken a large part of the architecture and IT security in different organizations. From Banks, healthcare, telecom, energy and (semi) government and all of them with their dynamics and regulations (such as NEN7510, IS027001, etc.).

Khashayar Aria Kheirabadi

Head of Accounting

Khashayar is a goal-driven international accounting professional with more than ten years of experience in various sectors. A strategic thinker with a comprehensive understanding of investment, operational and reporting. 

Oktay Cürebal

Senior Backend developer

With a real passion for software engineering, Oktay has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience that spans the breadth and depth of many a field in the world of information technology. Oktay has more than 12 years of experience as a full-stack developer, engineer, and architect.

Silvano Soares


After studying computer science, Silvano has been working in software development for the past fifteen years with extra focus on end-user experience and innovation. As a result of additional training in Customer Experience and multichannel management, Silvano looks at solutions from multiple customer perspectives to achieve excellent results.

Marco Reijken

Art director

Marco has more than 20 years of experience in the world of design and advertising. Marco is a real perfectionist. He is only satisfied if the very last pixel is in its place. Marco goes for the maximum creative result.

Katerina Tsiafitsa

UX designer

Katerina UX strategies enable her to design engaging products with quality-driven user experiences that hold the users at the centre. Katerina focuses on achieving the most intuitive user-centric solutions, both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Annette Swart

KYC Specialist

Resourceful and dynamic person with years of experience as an interim banker and clear understanding of client on-boarding recruitments, including KYC and AML.

Meet our advisors

Igor Karavaev


ICObench TOP Expert: Ex-executive Director at the Skolkovo Foundation, one of the largest global start-ups accelerators. He also served as director of development for a variety of major international corporations.

Hesam Fahimi

Market Expert

Hesam is the founder of Markteffect and ME research group. ME research group is The Netherlands top 5 market research specialist and software development company with 100+ employees.

Shohel Alam

Advisory Marketing & PR

Shohel is a Crypto enthusiast who is involved in the community since 2016. As a young man interested in technological change from the start, Bitcoin was the epitome of change in which he had to be involved. Shohel expertise reaches from trading to advisory and marketing with startups that want to do a crowd-sale or create a tokenized system. 

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